Sinister - Larry Stylinson AU (part three)


Louis Tomlinson spent two long years recovering from the most traumatizing night of his life. But when he receives something from the person responsible for his terror, he’s afraid not only for his life- but for his heart. 

WARNING includes smut, rape, murder, and other dark matters that may be disturbing

A/N: Well it’s official guys, I’m making it into a fic! (by incredible popular demand holy SHIT) Anyways, hope you guys like this one :):) xx

Sinister- Part One

Sinister- Part Two


Louis awoke stiffly, and as soon as his sleep clouded mind cleared, he took note of how every muscle ached, and how his head seemed extremely heavy. His eyes hesitantly creaked open to be greeted with a blinding amount of light, and he recoiled, rubbing his eyes with a deep sigh. The whole night before was a blur, and he wasn’t even positive what had happened- had he just gone to bed- why did his whole body hurt?

And then he remembered. He tensed, his eyes widening as he realized he was not in his room. He held his breath, feeling a terror spike up his spine as he dared a glance beside him, to find the bed was empty.

What should have been relief, turned into terror. If he wasn’t here, where was he?

He shot up in bed, and found his discarded flannels and burst from the room, everything clicking; that when he had came into Harry’s room, he had stayed and obviously left the door unlocked. His stomach turned and he quickly walked down the narrow hall to the kitchen and living area.

The sight in his kitchen had him stop and his mouth hang open. Harry stood there, adorned in one of Louis’ aprons, leering over the stove cooking eggs. “What are you doing?” Louis cried out, tense and still horrified. 

Harry looked over his shoulder, his lips pulling up into a wicked smile at the sight of the man. “Making eggs.” He returned his gaze back down to the simmering pan. 

Louis still didn’t move, it was like his feet became lead, “Eggs?” His stomach rolled. “I didn’t… have any eggs.” 

Harry looked back at him again with a little glint in his eyes and a condescending smile, “Well of course I went out to get some, silly little prick.” 

His head went dizzy and his hand flew to his mouth, his stomach turning. 

"You live 5 minutes away from the market, Louis. I didn’t take your car or anything, I’m not that reckless.” He grinned even further, before removing the pan from the burner and shuffling across the kitchen. 

Louis had literally allowed a rapist and murderer to roam the streets of London. He squeezed his eyes shut at the thought of what would have happened if he had happened to get his hands on someone- Louis would have gone down with him.

"Y-You can’t do that, Harry,” he choked out, “I have to go with you everywhere.” 

Harry frowned as he placed the rather delicious smelling eggs onto separate plates. “I didn’t want to wake you, you look so pretty even when you sleep, Lou.” He simpered. 

Another nervous pitch of Louis’ stomach. He tried to mask his unnerved demeanor, “Did you sleep well?” 

"Oh very well," He walked over with two bowls balanced in the palms of his hands, and Louis couldn’t help but think of how domestic he looked; his messy curls were illuminated by the feeble rays of morning light seeping through the living room window, and his dimples were poking through his milky cheeks, eyes filled with some sort of wicked adoration. He leered down to press a seemingly sweet kiss to Louis’ nose, which had his cheeks blooming with a dangerous shade of red. "Watched you sleep for a while, you cried a lot." 

And instantly, the highschool girl flustered feeling Louis had vanished and he blinked, fidgeting with the rim of the bowl he now held. He decided not to comment on that observation, and just made his way to the table that Harry had sat himself at. 

Until now he hadn’t realized how last nights happenings had effected the way he walked so drastically, and he winced as he sat down, which Harry noticed and smiled so big that Louis thought his face might split in half. 

"I see you’re coping well." Harry commented between mouthfulls of egg. Louis shook his head, not wanting to think about last night at all- from fear of breaking down or getting turned on. 

The man poked at his eggs, mentally noting that maybe he shouldn’t be trusting a murderer’s cooking skills, but based no the way they smelt and how Harry was almost done, he ate them. 

He decided Harry was actually a decent cook. 

When he looked up to comment on the food, Harry was already staring at him, resting the prongs of the fork on his bottom lip; they held eye-contact for what felt like an immense amount of time, and Louis could felt a helpless feeling come flooding into the pit of his stomach which forced him to break contact and stare at his hands. A flush of heat rushed into his cheeks, paired with hot tears pressing against the back of his eyes. 

The rest of breakfast was spent in silence, in which Louis couldn’t even look the boy in the eyes. 


Louis spent even more time playing his piano that morning before he had to go to work- which the idea of escaping Harry for a few hours was both pleasant and terrifying. 

So when the time came and he shoved his legs into chino’s and pulled on a white button up to be paired with a skinny black tie, he was dreading it more than he would have liked. 

He wandered to the door, patting all of his pockets to assure himself he had grabbed not only his normal set of keys, but also the spare- just in-case. “Please, Harry,” he said as he turned to look back at the boy perched properly on the couch, “Stay out trouble, stay in the house. Help yourself to things- in reason. I’ll be back at 6 tonight.”

Harry nodded with the most shit-eating smile, raising his brows, “Of course, Lou. Anything for you.” 

Louis stared at him for a second, trying to ignore the sinful flush of heat that pushed to tighten his pants. He gulped, averting his eyes and scolding himself for such heinous thoughts. 

"Goodbye, Harry." Louis said, turning to walk out the door. 

"Love you, Louis." he heard called after him, in a defiant type of tone- as if he just said it unnerve him for the rest of the day- which he did successfully. 


"Morning, Dr. Tomlinson." The desk clerk chirped as he sauntered through the doors, looking distraught. He only nodded in her general direction before making his way down the hall, up the elevator, and into his office. 

He flipped on the lights, breathing in deeply and reveling in the normal silence. He shuffled to his leather recliner, sinking into the chair and staring at the ceiling  as he had 30 minutes to kill.

He intended to kill it by just sitting and not thinking, but as soon as his pocket vibrated it was apparent that was not was going to happen.  He hesitantly fished his mobile from his pocket and glanced at the message he had received. 

Louis had entirely forgot about his friends after he had received Harry’s letter, and was surprised to see his old highschool friend Zayn Malik’s name. 

Hey mate, haven’t heard from you in a while. Wanna have a beer tonight?

Louis smiled, releasing a pent up sigh- as though this message was the reassurance he needed to affirm that he indeed have a life. He went to type back that yes of course, but then paused and felt dread spiral through his veins as he remembered that he had a rapist and murderer residing with him. 

Wish I could, man x Work and other things have got me booked out. Maybe next week?

The man again sighed, leaning up in his chair and tapping his fingers on his knees as he awaited his reply.

Other things? ;) Boyfriend, Louis?

Even though Zayn wasn’t really talking to him, Louis’ face flushed and he gulped, shaking his head as though he could see him. 

No, not exactly ha. I’ll explain soon. Talk later, mate, I have an appointment x 

Louis slid his mobile back into his pocket as Wendy propped open the door, grinning as she always did. “Morning, Doctor.” 

"Morning Wendy," he nodded his head with a weak smile and turned to glance at the frail looking woman making her way into the room with a long sigh. 


By the time Louis parked his car at his flat, he was exhausted; mentally and physically. And the worst part of it all was that he had no desire to face Harry. 

But it was inevitable, and he faced that with a deep sigh and climbed out of his car. By the time he had his hand on the doorknob, he almost considered turning back and driving down to stay the night at Zayn’s. 

But with a deep sigh, he unlocked the door and pushed it open with a grunt. The foyer was dark- and he floundered around for the switch and wincing when he did find it. The light flooded into the living area which revealed Harry sitting- waiting- on the couch, stark nude, legs spread, head fallen back and mouth open with a panting breath. 

Louis didn’t know what to do but to just stare, gaping, as he felt heat rush between his thighs. 

The boy had those long fingers curled up inside of him, desperately pumping in and out with low groans, and no matter how hard Louis tried he could not take his eyes off of him. 

"Lou- unh yeah. Fuck.” Harry panted, and Louis couldn’t restrain the little groan that crawled up the back of his throat which brought the boy’s attention up. His head lolled forth with an instant wicked grin, his eyes wide and blown out with lust, he didn’t refrain from wriggling his ass down on his fingers. 

"Welcome,"groan,”home.” He grinned, not breaking eye-contact with him the whole time. Every sexually driven fiber in Louis- which was most- screamed at him, ached for him to go and take the place of his fingers, but his mind told him that he may shatter into millions of unfixable pieces if he did.

But those fibers won, and he dropped his briefcase right where he stood and bounded across the floor as he tore at his tie, tearing open his shirt with an animalistic fervor. 

"I said to stay out of trouble." He growled, grabbing the boy’s knees and pressing them down into a normal sitting position so he could straddle his lap. 

"Oh but I am." Harry purred into his ear, and Louis’ sudden act of dominance wavered slightly. His delicate hands wound up the bare plains of his scarred torso to place a grip into his curls, tugging them to angle his head to the side to give a better angle at his long and milky neck. 

He trailed kisses along his throbbing jugular, before sucking a dark bruise, followed by another, and another, occasionally tugging on his curls to leech low approving moans. He pulled back just enough to let his lips trail along the bruised skin, “You’re living under my roof,” he brutally ground his hips down into the boy’s lap, “which means you follow my,”grind,”rules.” 

Louis was sure he had Harry in putty when he didn’t say anything and continually ground down into his lap, moving his kisses and bites down his torso, latching his teeth around the boy’s right nipple, rolling the bud between his enamels, leeching a pornographic whine from the boy.

"I don’t think so," Harry snickered, shoving the man over and switching roles instantly, straddling his lap and sinking his teeth into the man’s neck. Louis just moaned, instantly falling into this routine. There was always this fear in the back of his mind- what if he ends up killing you this time

But he never really listened to that warning, didn’t even the first time, and so he let his guard down and met Harry halfway in grinding up into him. 

Fuck, Harry. I don’t know if I can take it.” Louis panted out as Harry began animalisticly unbuttoning the man’s pants and tearing them down his thighs. Harry just shook his head with a short laugh. 

"Oh, you’re going to take it." And with that he was on his knees before Louis, wedging his hands under the crooks of his knees and shoving them up and apart, pressing wet kisses into his inner thighs, biting occasionally just to hear the desperate noises the man made as he arched his back. 

Harry inserted two fingers between his plump red lips, sucking profusely and noisily, keeping eye contact the whole time as he slowly drew them out and slid them down his thighs, before rather brutally inserting one finger into the man and curling it, rutting it knuckle deep.

Louis was still worn from the night before so he took the second finger with ease, and was wriggling down to fuck himself with eager little sighs. “Come on, Haz. Fuck me. Fuck my ass.” He hissed out filthy slurs between gritted teeth, his eyes squeezed shut in a mixture of ecstasy and pain.

"You’re an eager little slut tonight.” Harry half laugh, half growled in focus as he curled his fingers in determination again, wanting to make him come undone once before he actually fucked him. 

And it was working well, so he latched his mouth onto the delicious part of his thigh, sucking and nibbling as he inserted a third finger, grinning against his skin wickedly when he reached that bundle of nerves that had Louis arching up off of the couch with a guttural shout, thighs jerking and toes curling. 

"Come for me, honey." Harry growled against his skin, sending dangerous vibrations spiking up and down the man’s thighs, echoing in his achingly hard, leaking, and un-touched cock. 

Two more thrusts of his fingers was all it took to have Louis’ arms flailing out to grip the back of couch as he came with a haggard shout, white ropes painting his stomach. “Fuck.” He breathed as he collapsed against the couch, his chest rising and falling quickly. His eyes creaked open to look down at Harry, who was placidly grinning before leaned up to kitten lick his abdomen and collect the mess he had made. 

Swallowing obscenely loud was all it took to fuel Louis into a painfully hard cock again and he whimpered pitifully. 

"Oh, I’m not done with you." Harry tutted, scooping up the man up off of the couch with ease, and carrying him to Louis’ own room, throwing him down on the bed like a ragdoll. 

Louis just stared up at him with pleading eyes- whether they were for him to ravage him or to go easy, Harry couldn’t tell- and didn’t necessarily care. So he flattened the man on his back, picked up his knees and folded them up against his chest, aligned himself, and ruthlessly pounded straight into him with a grunt. 

"Oh god Harry.” Louis whimpered, reaching up to place his hands on the boy looming over him’s shoulders, digging his blunt fingernails into his skin as he began to relentlessly pound into him, occasionally moaning out his names or filthy obscenities that just fueled the fire burning in the pit of Louis’ stomach.

"You like that? Yeah? Like it when I dominate you?” He growled out in a slur of words that was almost incoherent. They were both close, and Louis’ head lolled back, the answer to his seemingly rhetorical question lodged in his throat in the form of a loud moan. 

He didn’t want to fuel Harry’s sadistic fire, but at the same time, he wanted to so badly. 

So he did.

Yes.” He panted out, which turned into a scream where the lines of pain and pleasure were blurred as he came with barely anything to provide. It echoed around the room, nearly drowning out Harry’s fairly loud groans as he continually rolled his hips into the man, finally coming with a shout and quite literally collapsing in a heap beside the man. 

They didn’t say anything, just laid there in a panting mess, staring up at the ceiling. 

Surprisingly enough, Harry again pulled the man into his arms, resting his chin on the top of his head, sighing out as his breathing finally steadied and the after tremors settled. 

Louis was just on the hinges of sleep, where the line between dream and reality was blurred, when a word was whispered into the shell of his ear.

It was a distressed noise, almost pitiful, and his eyes creaked open, feigning from drowsily closing. 

He waited a moment to try and let his sleep fogged mind to decipher what he had just heard Harry whisper to him.

"There’s more."

Louis blinked unneedidly in the oily blackness, and he laid their quietly for a few moments, trying to decipher what that could mean itself. 

"What?" He whispered back, but a chill had swallowed his whole body and turned his reply into a chattering of teeth. 

He then noticed Harry was crying, realizing this when he heard the tiniest sniffle.

"What?" He repeated cautiously, turning to face the boy, who’s tear stricken face was shadowed. 


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