Sinister- Larry Stylinson AU (part nine)



Louis Tomlinson spent two long years recovering from the most traumatizing night of his life. But when he receives something from the person responsible for his terror, he’s afraid not only for his life- but for his heart. 

WARNING includes smut, rape, murder, and other dark matters that may be disturbing

A/N: short chapter but i felt like you guys needed some smut  omg

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Louis was overwhelmed.He felt as though he was standing at the edge of a very large abyss, one that was going to change his life more than it already had, and he really realized this as he was driving home from Miranda’s. 

What first was realization, became shock, then panic, and he had to pull aside of the road to keep from veering off into the moors. No one was on this road- it was a back one hardly used anymore- so he leaned his head on the steering wheel and began to cry. 

He cringed at the thought of how sensitive he had become since Harry had come into his life, and how often he found himself crying now. He pressed his palms against his wet eyes, trying to leech them of their painful stinging. 

He leaned back in his seat and hefted a long sigh, staring at the rather winding road that slithered out below him in the snowed over moors. It was a rather barren, sad sight, but looking at it seemed to calm his nerves, and with one more long breath, he drove back onto it, blinking away his tears. 


Louis pushed through the front door with chattering teeth- as the snow turned to sleet and even a prick of the liquid was sent straight to your bones. 

He pushed his feet from his loafers and shrugged off his jacket before he actually heard anything. There was a desperate and angry banging emanating from somewhere in the flat. 

He stood still for a moment, before he registered that he had left with Harry locked in his room. He guiltily swallowed, and hesitantly sauntered down the hall to his room, the door jumping.

Louis was surprised Harry hadn’t broken it down, so in compliance of feeling bad, he unlocked the door and before he could actually open it himself, it swung open and out came a very flustered and frustrated boy. 

And just like that, Louis was shoved up against the wall with the boy breathing heatedly in his face and down his neck, “Where were you?” He spat bitterly. 

Louis squirmed against him, not in the mood for his antics, “Piss off.” He didn’t refrain from having the nasty tinge to it, because he just had too much on his mind. 

Harry softened his grip on his biceps a bit and leaned back to look him in the eyes, narrowing his own and furrowing his brow. “Are you okay?” he muttered. 

It was obvious that he had re-relapsed after waking up, which was reassuring, and just seeing the boy actual look like he momentarily had a caring bone in his body; Louis became putty in his hands. As soon as Harry sensed the change, he dove in. 

He pressed the man up against the wall before he had an answer, and the pressure used wasn’t as forceful as it would have been a week ago. He pressed a kiss under his jaw, up under his ear and then to his lips. By the time Harry reached there, Louis was so eager and pliant he instantly parted his lips and engaged in a deep, and incredibly heated kiss. 

Harry certainly wasn’t used to Louis being so obedient, but he decided he would take full advantage of it and pressed against him harder, letting his large hands trail down his arms and up his sides. 

And he didn’t waste time hauling him down the hall to the living room grinning snidely. For a moment he paused, glancing about the room, and Louis almost laughed, watching him chose the place he was going to fuck him into oblivion. 

Louis would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised when Harry took him and hauled him to the coffee table, which was promptly cleared of the magazines scattered on it. 

"Hands and knees." Harry ordered, and Louis complied, still in his clothes, climbing onto the table and looking over his shoulder. Harry gave him a wolfish grin and slapped a hand down abruptly onto the man’s ass, making him jump. 

Fuck Harry, what was that for?” He breathed out through gritted teeth, but the stinging instantly had a wave of heat pushing to his cock. 

Harry sent another slap down on the other cheek, and Louis bit into his own bicep to muffle his moan. “For locking me up in my room and leaving me.” Slap. 

Louis had no counter, and instead just moaned loudly, “I’m sorry.” He whispered, lowering from his hands down to his elbows so his ass was in the air. 

Harry sent another hard smack down, “What did you say?” 

"I’m sorry.” He groaned out, louder this time.


"I’m sorry what?” Slap. 

"I’m sorry," Louis inhaled sharply, clenching his teeth, "master.The word came out breathier than he intended, and even though it felt so wrong, the heat that flushed to his cock was delectable and he was instantly in need of friction. 

"Good boy." Harry praised, smoothing his hands down the man’s back and making quick work of ripping his chinos and briefs to reveal his ass marked with very defined, large red hand marks. The boy didn’t hold back the moan that rolled from his chest as he gently tapped him to signal him to move forward a bit so he could sit on his knees behind him. 

Louis did as he was told and shuffled forth, Harry pulling his shirt off over his head and tossing it onto the couch. He knelt behind the man, the coffee table creaking underneath as he fit his clothed hips against Louis’ ass. 

"Grind back into me." Harry demanded, looping his hands underneath him and gripping onto the front of his thighs. 

Louis just moaned, letting his head hang down between his shoulders loosely, pushing back against Harry’s hips. Feeling the boy hard only fueled the fire in the pit of his stomach, and he ground back harder. When he heard the boy’s breath hitch in his throat, he grinned self appraisingly and rolled his ass harder back into him. 

Fuck yeah, baby.” Harry moaned out between gritted teeth and quickly undoing his jeans and spitting in his palm, pumping his already hard cock before situating at the man’s entrance. 

Louis whimpered as he was teased, not being able to refrain from pressing back against him, which earned him a hard slap on the ass again. “Please Harry.” He keened, his voice gravelly with lust. 

"Slut." Harry scoffed through a smile, before slamming his hips forth and Louis instantly cried out, his back arching up. 

And just like that, Harry became relentless, and began pounding into him, leering over and pressing his chest to his back, breathing heatedly as he continually rutted his hips against him. Louis became a babbling mess, toes curling and eyes squeezing shut as he the heat in his stomach was engulfing him at an unfairly fast pace. 

Harry reached under to grip onto the man’s hips for leverage as he leaned back up and slowed to rhythmic, hard thrusts. The sinful sound of skin slapping skin filled the room and Louis cried out, digging his blunt nails into the wood of the table. 

He reached around to begin jerking the man’s cock in time with his thrusts that picked up pace. Louis was beginning to fall apart at the seams, his breath getting caught in his throat as he moaned pornographically. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.” 

Harry was pliant, his free hand gripping so hard on his hip he was certain to leave dark bruises,  and began to pound harder and harder, aiming his thrusts upward, which left Louis in a whining mess. The boy’s necklaces bouncing on his chest as he leaned down, the muscles in his neck tensing.

His jerking on Louis’ cock became sloppy and fast, and the man held his breath as his whole body began to tense in apprehension. “I-I’m coming.” He yelled as his hips jerked forward and he came hard into Harry’s palm.

Harry wasn’t far behind, low moans falling from his mouth, along with chants of profanities, his eyes squeezing shut as his thrusts became short and fast. Louis’ tight heat finally bringing him over the edge with a loud and elongated moan, his hips jerking harshly forward, causing the table to creak underneath, followed by a series of loud cracks and pops, when the entire table collapsed underneath them. 

Louis was so weak and out of breath he just collapsed with it, rolling onto his side and staring up at Harry with wide eyes. The coffee table was in pieces all across the floor, and the boy looked around at the carnage, his eyes wide as well.

"You prat, you broke my table!" Louis cawed suddenly, before breaking into hysterical laughter. 

Harry again looked around as he pulled up his pants, looking horrified, “I’m so sorry, Louis.” He apologized quietly. Louis nearly busted a lung howling with laughter, as he rolled up and straddled the boy’s lap.

"Shh, honey, it’s okay. The thing was naff anyways." He giggled, pressing a kiss to his cheek, followed by another to his lips. Harry relaxed at his touch, but sheepishly kissed him back with a sigh. Louis couldn’t help but smile through the embrace, feeling that overwhelming swarm of emotion in the pit of his stomach. 

And for the first time in a long time, Louis forgot about Harry’s past and enjoyed the moment.

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